Arcade Mode tales – Creating the spectator screen

Arcade Mode tales – Creating the spectator screen

Spectator screen wireframe sketch

Some weeks ago, we started creating the “Arcade Mode” of Ganbatte. The Arcade Mode is a game version of Ganbatte specially crafted to showcase the game at events. Our rationale for this mode can be read on Crossroads: Steam Early Access & Arcade Mode for events.

Going over the unique features of the Arcade Mode, having an event leaderboard was deemed very important. The event leaderboard is part of the spectator screen which will be used to enhance the experience of visitors.

Since Ganbatte is a social game played in first-person, very early in the development we realised that we wanted to provide tools to bring the social experience to those who aren’t actively playing. Therefore, we created a spectator mode where the game scene can be presented in a third-person view, which is more interesting to spectators. The idea is that players can stream the game or just show it on another display. So, for the Arcade Mode, we expanded upon the spectator screen to showcase Ganbatte in an event setting.

Ganbatte multiplayer vr game about cats in space eating sushi arcade mode spectator view flow.
Ganbatte Arcade Mode: Spectator View Flow shows the screens and flow for the spectator view screen.

The spectator view flow is centered on two main things:

  • Game – the current game being played
  • Leaderboard – the event leaderboard.

During the game, we can switch between multiple cameras to show the match, and show the current scores for the stage.

Ganbatte VR game, game view of the spectator screen.
Mock-up of the spectator view during a game match.

When the game ends, there is a ceremony in which the results of the match are presented.

In this phase, we take a moment to see a close-up of every player, like a reaction camera.

Reaction camera mock-up showing results of ganbatte arcade mode.
This close-up view works like a reaction camera. We can see the score of the player and his/her reaction after the match.

Then, the results of the game are put in perspective with the global event leaderboard ranks.

Game results for arcade mode Ganbatte match
In this view, it’s easier to see the game results and their current position on the event leaderboard.

In case there is a new leader, there’s a celebration screen! Afterwards, the event leaderboard is displayed until a new game starts.

event leaderboard of Ganbatte
Event leaderboard view.

Bonus: Building and organizing the in-game spectator view with Unreal Engine 4

Our strategy to create the spectator screen in Unreal Engine 4 is as follows.

  1. Create a spectator pawn that inherits from the ASpectatorPawn class.
  2. Build a companion UMG widget that will hold the leaderboard information in the spectator view and add it to the viewport.
  3. Position the game window and the companion UMG widget on the viewport by performing a split screen on the function OnViewportUpdated.

  1. Follow by updating the position and size of the companion UMG widget on OnVieportUpdated. Check for inspiration.
In-engine screenshot of the game view of the spectator screen.
In-engine screenshot of the game view of the spectator screen.

Wrapping up

If you want to see our Arcade Mode in action and you’ll be in Portugal this November, drop by the Indie Dome at Lisboa Games Week!

Meanwhile, the Steam Store page of Ganbatte is live! You can now add Ganbatte to your wishlist, which if you do would mean a lot to us.

Thanks for reading!


PS – If you’re interested in knowing more about preparing a game to be showcased at an event, I selected some interesting material on the topic:

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