Travel vlog and release window

Travel vlog and release window

As you know, we flew to San Francisco to show Ganbatte during GDC 2018. We’ve made of video of it! You might have already seen a short, 1-minute version, on social media. The video below, however, is the full 6-minute video. Instead of bringing you a typically written dev blog update, please join us on this first ever Mimicry travel vlog!

Ganbatte was selected for the European Game Showcase 2018 (EGS), which happened during the Game Developers Conference 2018 at Pier 17 in San Francisco. At EGS we showcased a pre-release version of our upcoming VR game about cats in space, eating sushi, to a select audience of press, publishers, and investors. We attended a ton of game and VR related events, such as the High Fidelity GDC 2018 reception where we got to try out the NeoSensory ‘exoskin’ Haptic Jacket, the Facebook gaming x Oculus party and the Microsoft windows mixed reality reception, to name a few. We also had the pleasure of visiting SVVR, Silicon Valley Virtual Reality meetup, where we pitched the game and demoed it as well. It was a very successful trip and we hope you enjoy watching this recollection of it.

Release window

Finally, we can share more details about the release window for v0.1 of Ganbatte. We’re alllllmost ready to release the first version on Steam Early Access and we can hereby confirm that it will happen this month, April 2018! The initial release will support both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets. The exact release date will be announced soon. We’re super excited and we can’t wait for you to go hands-on with the game.

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